Martin Shwalbe Hi! My name is Martin, I'm a software engineer focused on PHP and Javascript projects, currently working on Doctrine Project, Zend Framework 2 and Dojo. My job is my passion and also my hobby, and all I do is on my Github page.

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Continuous Deployment

May 20, 2013 .


Using Environment configuration with Yeoman Angular Generator

How to use environment variables with yeoman angular

March 2, 2014 . .

There is a Module for that

Why create your own modules if there is something existing. this post will cover the basic question on why to use existing modules and how to override them

November 30, 2012 . .

Improving Performance in Zend Framework 2

A listing of options to improve Performance using Zend Framework 2

November 18, 2012 . .

Getting Started with REST and Zend Framework 2

Building a Rest module module for Zend Framework 2

November 10, 2012 . .

Using Traits with Zend Framework 2

Example of using traits in Zend Framework 2

November 6, 2012 . .

My Journey in Continuous Deployment

A set of tutorials on how to setup Continuous Deployment with Phing and Jenkins

October 5, 2012 . .

Creating my own page with Jekyll and Github

Creating my own page with jekyll

September 29, 2012 . .